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Try for up to 3 weeks before paying! 

Uniformed leaders are unpaid volunteers - fees go toward badges, scarves, association registration and insurance, hall maintenance (we own our own hall and land) and training, registration and uniforms for leaders.

For the full calendar year fees are $404. 

We believe this is great value, thanks to the wonderful support of so many volunteers to keep our fees so low.

2021 Payment Summary

At the start of the year a payment of $284 is needed to complete the annual registration with Scouts Victoria and covers youth member insurance for a full 12 months.

There is a further $40 charged at the start of the remaining three terms

Members joining 1st Belmont for the first time also pay a once only fee of $30 to cover the cost of a hand made group scarf and badges provided at joining.

When joining later in the year the fees are charged pro-rata basis, that is, according to the number of terms remaining in the year.

Leaders children are offered a 50% discount!

That's right - if you agree to do the training to become a Scouting Leader with 1st Belmont you get to spend lots of quality time with your child and in return we cover the cost of professional training, your uniform, registration and when you have completed your training registration fees for your children are discounted in recognition of your time committed to help all our youth members :-)