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FAQs re: fees

1st Belmont Scouts aims to provide new challenges and great learning through a wide range of activities at a very modest cost. From 2021 Scouts Victoria follows the calendar year for fees and insurance, and charge fees prorata on this basis when joining later during the year. Approximately 60% of the fee charged goes to Scouts Victoria, to cover youth insurance, public liability and National and State administration. The balance helps 1st Belmont to pay for our leader training and some basic facility maintenance. However the fees in no way covers our full operating costs. We are a voluntary organisation, all leaders volunteering their time, so in addition to fees we continue to need your regular support as parents, helping at meeting nights and on weekend camps, fundraising, providing transport and the like, or maybe you would like to join our leader team yourself?

Fees work out to just over $100/term - see previous page for more details.

Fee increase?

We are pleased to have been able to charge no fees during 2020 to assist families suffering financial hardship during COVID-19 while continuing to keep our youth engaged and connected offering Scouting via Zoom to all our members. 2021 has seen the first increase in our fees for four years, and only by $4 thanks to the great fund raising efforts of our members and their families. This is despite the base State fee increasing due to an increase in insurance and other costs.

Payment Options (when re/registering for a full 12 months)

We want everyone to be able to enjoy Scouting so if you need a payment plan or other assistance please get in touch with our Group Leader or Treasurer.

How to Pay

Our preferred method of payment is by direct transfer with the invoice number as the reference. Payment by credit card is possible on request and will include the banks processing charge. Cash payments can be paid directly to a Bendigo Bank branch using the account details provided on the invoice.