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Frequent Asked

Can I come along to see if I like it before joining?
Yes, we encourage new youth members to come along and try Joeys, Cubs or Scouts before joining. The first three sessions are free, then you are required to join and pay if you wish to continue coming.

How much does it cost?
The initial fees are pro-rata and differ depending on the time of the year that you join. Please visit our fees page for full details.

Do I need a Uniform?
Once you make the decision to join scouts (Joeys, Cubs or Scouts), you will need to buy a uniform. The uniform comprises a shirt (sleeves of shirts are different colors for different sections), trousers that also zip-off to become shorts and a belt. A scarf, woggle and badges are provided by the Group at no additional cost. A Scout Wide Brim Surf Hat is highly recommended for outdoor activities. Other optional uniform items such as Jackets are also available. Uniforms are available from Snowgum in Geelong at 104 Moorabool St or from the Snowgum online store at http://www.snowgum.com.au/shop/category/30/uniform

How can parents help?
Scouting is an entirely voluntary organisation. Our leaders are professionally trained but not paid. The group therefore relies heavily on parents to assist in many ways from rostered parent helpers, joining the group committee, assisting with fundraising activities or becoming new leaders. We are mindful that parents have many commitments and are very busy however without parents support, the group can not exist.

What are the ages of the youth members in each section?
Joeys are 6 years to 8 years old
Cubs are 7.5 years to 11years old
Scouts are 10.5 years to 15 years old
Venturers are 14.5 years to 18 years old
Rovers are 18 years to 26 years old

What was that?

GL Group Leader: Uniformed member who oversees section leaders and the group as a whole.
PL Patrol Leader: Youth member who leads a group (patrol) of Scouts. Typically up to 6 people.
APL Assistant Patrol Leader
Sixer As for PL but in the Cub Scout section.
Seconder as for APL in the Cub Scout Section.
Stradbroke Cup or "Straddie" Annual Scout competition camps run across Victoria in various locations at Easter. The Geelong Region competition is held at Eummeralla Scout Camp, Anglesea.