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Group Update

1st Belmont Scout Group
     Youth Membership and Leader Report
     2015 - 2016

  • At census we registered 148 Youth and Adults but with late re-registrations we have 160. New Youth members in July and August will bring us up to 170!

  • Currently: (includes new chums but not those on trial visits)

17 Tuesday Joeys, 6 Wednesday Joeys (with 5 visiting) 24 Banksia Cubs, 17 Acacia Cubs, 25 Scouts, 27 Venturers and 10 Rovers (Total Youth 126), 20 Leaders and 5 trainee leaders (with another 8 leaders on leave).

  • Joeys Tuesday: Very active with Sandra as new Team Leader and Dan and Dionne completing training, Tina staying that “extra” 6 months to guide the team. Hany on leave and considering her future role.

  • Joeys Wednesday: Team leader Cathy with Linsey are looking forward to recruiting two new leaders as Belinda leaving us at end of term.THANKYOU BELINDA !!! Two new team members will bring us up to the desired 4 per section.. Come and Try night successful with  numbers back to viable level including 3 girls. More 5-7 year olds needed.

  • Banksia Cubs (Monday): Keith, Brad, Anthony, and Andy doing training plus Val, our District Cub Leader often assisting - a great and active team. Pack currently closed to new chums.

  • Acacia Cubs (Wednesday): Arlene has said farewell and we have said a huge thanks to her. Daniel is now interim Team leader and planning to move up to Scouts in 2017. Allison as next team Leader but with Tracy and Bev not active we need 3 more Cub leaders!

  • Scouts. Gordon has recently moved into the role of Leader in Charge and is keeping the troop running with  week by week help from other leaders and adults. But with Linda now in her final year of studies, Elizabeth on leave and Gayathri considering her role, the troop is desperately looking for additional support.

  • BIGHT Venturers Graham has done a magnificent job (with his team) while Tim was overseas, but is about to hand back the Team Leader role. Tim, Kim, Matt and Cam will decide soon who the new team leader will be. Venturers age youth members are travelling from all over to get to Rugby St and be part of this fantastic Unit.

  • Yarimbak Rovers. Angus has handed over Crew Chair to Tristian Read with Steve continuing as Rover Advisor.  A change of meeting night and a recruiting drive. Storage for their buggy and gear to be resolved.

  • Parents Committee has been limping along, but there is action afoot! Minimal fundraising last 12 months with future aims to be defined.

  • Did I mention the new shed and now empty and usable carport at Rugby St ? And 3 empty and usable sheds at Dean St (one with user group storage in it). Plus the new lights at Rugby St and the multiple user groups we have but looking for more for passive income .

  • Financials as of 30/06/2016 Main Account $38,321 (Census invoice $20,820 taking balance to $19,601.)  Term Deposit $25,612 so combined balance 27/06/16  $45,213

Wow what a fantastic group. Thank you to our leaders existing, new and departing isn’t enough. But THANKYOU Kangaree 2016 was hopping mad and Jamboree 2016 wet and wonderful. Roll on Cuboree 2017 look out for our section reports full of the fantastic activities they have participated in.