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Geelong Better Block Hub at Beav's Bar

Geelong Cycling Forum
1-2pm in the Geelong Better Block Hub
at Beav's Bar

Cycle Geelong
Innate Ecology

Geelong Cycling Forum 1-2pm in the Geelong Better Block Hub at Beav's Bar
Please find attached the Cycling Forum running sheet for the day and the media release. Mik will be running the forum and will be keeping you all to time. 

We have a tight time schedule for the forum so hope you can all appreciate the timeframes and what we are hoping to achieve. There will also be questions directed to the speakers in the open forum time. 

Please note that Jason Roberts and Bethany Keats from The Bicycle Show Pulse FM will also be on hand to talk from the floor or on the podium.

'Geelong Cycling Past and Future' 12-1pm
Rod and Barton we hope to have you in the main area from 12noon to speak to people wandering in on cycling. Barton you could have your board there and Rod you could have your books etc.  

Idea Bombing 12-1pm
We will  be asking people to come in earlier and put their ideas of cycling in Geelong on a post it note and stick it not he wall to capture some community ideas of what is needed.

Cycling Petition 12-2pm
We will also have a petition there on the day to ask people to sign to say they support safe, separated bicycle lanes in the city centre.

The Bicycle Show –94.7FM The Pulse
The Bicycle Show will be broadcast from the GBB Hub at Beav's Bar with Bethany and Heather and hope some of you might be available for the program also.

Event Running Sheet for Geelong Cycling Forum

At Geelong Better Block Hub (Beav’s Bar)

Pre Event

12 1pm Idea Bombing Community Cycling Vision
12 1pm Barton Van Laar -Geelong Cycling Vision
12 1pm Rod Charles Book signing and purchase
Bike procession through Little Malop st to call out for Geelong Cycling Forum
Call out to people to move into the Geelong Cycle Forum at the Geelong Better Block Hub

1.00 1.10 Mik Aidt Introduction
1.10 1.15 Barton van Laar Bike Safe
1.15 1.20 Barton van Laar Geelong Cycling Vision
1.20 1.25 Karly Lovell Student bike commuting
1.25 1.30 Rod Charles Geelong cycling history
1.30 1.40 Mik Aidt
1.40 2pm Open Forum With Mik and Tamsin
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16 Jun 2013, 19:27
Belmont Images,
16 Jun 2013, 19:28