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March April 2013 1st Belmont Scout Group Update

posted 21 Apr 2013, 04:35 by Daniel McLean   [ updated 22 Apr 2013, 03:14 by Belmont Images ]
Term 1 has flown past and boy have our kids achieved a lot and our scout hall with “rubber walls” is coping!

Things are still changing quickly so here is another update to help keep you in the picture.

New Joey and Cub Sections
We have had the need to run a waiting list for both Joeys and Cubs for
nearly two years, so with a number of potential new leaders we had a three-week trial of a second Joey Mob and Cub Pack for new leaders and kids from the waiting list at the end of last term. This was highly successful thanks to the efforts of our new parent volunteers and the double input of our Wednesday night leaders Arlene, Naomi, Daniel, Kylie, Hany together with input from Steve, Scott and myself. These new sections officially start Term 2.
  • Cub Pack - Banksia   6.30 to 8 pm Mondays from April 15th.
Monday's Banksia Cub pack will run with perhaps 12 to 18 cubs and four leaders – Brad Harrisson, Keith Robertson, Gordon Manning and Stephen Williams.  To help balance the age profile some of the older cubs Wednesday’s Acacia Pack are invited to switch nights if suitable. Please speak to Akela (Arlene). A female leader would also be great.
  • Joey Mob - Bandicoot 5.30pm to 6.45pm Tuesdays from April16th.
Tuesday's Bandicoot Joey Mob will start with 10 to 14 Joey Scouts and two new leaders, Dan Scargill and Kim Connell. There is an opportunity here for two more leaders, interested in having some Scouting fun as an adult? … then talk to Scott or David.

Thanks to our existing leaders who will continue put in over a lot of weeks in Term  2 while the new Cub and Joey leaders do their training .

The existing Joey and Cub sections continue to flourish
  • Wednesday’s Antechinus Joey Mob
We keep taking new kids off the waiting list as the 8 year olds go up to Cubs. New Joey Scouts can now be offered places in either Mob.  We hope soon to have no waiting list!  We would also love a male leader for Wednesday night!Both Joey Mobs are working on the Buddy Badge this term and will be enjoying lots of opportunities to be with other Joey Scouts.  Over the holidays we travelled to Melbourne to take part in the HOP Around the City with 600 other Joey Scouts.  It was a great opportunity for Leaders, parents and Joey Scouts to get to know each other better and explore the city.
  • Wednesday's Acacia Cub Pack
From 29 Cubs we are hoping with the second Pack to get these numbers back toward twenty four, as this is much more manageable. Jason Grant is staying on leave while he gets his new job under control, Stuart Lucas has limited availability term 2 and takes leave from term 3 until his youngest now in Joeys, becomes a Cub in about one year. Tracey Griffiths will become a Cub leader with the Acacia CubsAnother Male leader is needed – keen to join this active team?


In many ways we struggled though 2012, relying heavily on our dedicated leaders from other sections and the Group Leaders to pull off a fantastic year culminating in the National Jamboree – AJ2013 in January! This extra volunteering time put pressure on their personal and work lives and sometimes meant that they struggled in their home sectionWithout Arlene,(Cubs) Jason Martin (Venturers) Naomi,and Hany (Joeys) and Scott and Myself (GLs) putting in, the troop would not have survived 2012 ! And at the moment 2013 is still a struggle... why?

Current Scout leader team
  • Rogér Wälti is well into his Leader training and was formally invested 5th March.
  • Wendy Tarbett continues as a Tuesday night leader only.
  • Claire Bemelmans (Rover Scout) is looking to start training -  but is a Rover first!
Leaders no longer available are
  • Denise Taylor has had to resigned due to work and family time pressure.
  • Jason Martin may be able to help on some weekends but not Tuesday nights.
  • Jake Bemelmans has left for Canada for rest of year – Go Jake!
  • Bill Forti has decided to see how he goes at Grovedale Scouts
Clearly our Scouts are lacking leader continuity, leaders who can attend on both Tuesday nights and on weekends. Fill in leaders together with parent helpers have meant that the troop has continued to function and allowed many worthwhile activities to go ahead but this is not to best practise and nor is it sustainable. We clearly need additional trained Scout Leaders, who over time will get to really know the kids and develop a strong leader team.



With Jason Martin stepping back from this role the other leaders are continuing their training . Numbers are down with the older Venturers going up to Rovers

Yarimbak Rovers

Steve Read (Rover Advisor) and Kayla Noble (crew leader) continue to build the crew.They are beginning to meet at the Grovedale hall on a Sunday night and recently invested four new Rover Squires.

Parents Committee
We need to reform our parents committee URGENTLY, as we have not had a full committee since August 2012 and the group is suffering as a result. David Breakey has agreed to take on the role of chairman/president and is being briefed at the time of writing. Gemma Heatley, our wonderful treasurer of several years is about to move to Winchelsea so we need a new treasurer to assist Tanya our fees treasurer, secretary, fundraising coordinator, maintenance coordinator, grants writer and lawn mower as a start!

These non uniformed jobs are manageable and essential for fundraising etc to support the  uniformed leaders.Scott should not be doing the raffle ticket co-ordination as well as everything else !



  • Female cub leader for Monday's Banksia Pack
  • Male Cub Leader for Wednesdays  Acacia Pack
  • Male Joey leader for Wednesdays Mob
  • 2 More Joey Leaders for Tuesdays Mob
  • 2 or 3 Scout Troop Leaders
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Fundraising coordinator
  • Maintenance coordinator
  • Grants writer
  • Lawn mowing and grounds
Yours in Scouting
David Smith
Group Leader
1st Belmont Scout Group
Belmont Images,
22 Apr 2013, 03:14