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Akela's Antics - Past Events

Past Events - Check out the pictures and writeups from some of the Cubs!



Cuboree, Monday 26th - Friday 30th September

Cuboree is a 5 day camp that is aimed specifically at Cub Scouts.  Cub Scouts from all over the state are invited to participate in activities – with opportunities to have fun and make new friends!  

The official blurb for activities for Cuboree 7 is.... THE ACTIVITIES CONTINUE ...
The adventure really does continue with our amazing activities!
Get lost for hours in the giant Maze, and be entertained by the various stunts at Entermazement.
THEN me hearties ye be headin’ o’er to our Buccaneer’s Academy to learn how to be a Pirate yarrr! Then a true test of will and strength and a lot of mud await you at Survivor.
THEN watch the drama unfold at the as Tombstone Town comes to life in the Wild Wild West.
THEN grab your binoculars, pack your backpack and travel off to Safari Oz
THEN it just wouldn’t be Cuboree without the carnival fun of Cherry Lane
THEN if you’ve still got some energy left, we have a new and exciting stage show for your entertainment each night!

While the camp is not until September, it takes quite a bit of work in the lead up to ensure that the Cubs are ready to attend.  If you think your child or you (as parent helper) would be interested in attending can you please let us know as we would like rough numbers for planning purposes. 

We also strongly encourage those interested to fully participate in the overnight activities which we will be arranging over the next few terms as this will better prepare them for Cuboree while also assisting them in achieving their camp out badge which is a prerequisite of attending Cuboree.  

Click here for more information from the Barwon District Leader Cub Scouts
Click here to see photos from Cuboree 6



PreCuboree Camp, Saturday 27th - Sunday 28th September

The pre cuboree camp was awesome. The most fun part I did was the go carts. We played lots of games. You would have fun if you go there.

Our parents dropped us off about 12 o'clock. We placed our bags in a circle. Then we had some free time to play with our friends. There is a lot of bush and paths around and a lot of big sticks. We put our stretcher up and bedding and there there was lots of good food. We had a bonfire at night and we did some plays. During the night we saw a possum. In the morning we had egg on toast and played games till our parents picked us up.   Mason


Tree Planting, Sunday 14th August

Last Sunday we went tree planting.  We planted 3,000 trees all together (between all of us) and I had not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 sausages!  I was planting with Gemma, my Mum and Gemma's Dad.  Our method was: dig the hole, plant the plant, put the milk carton over and put the bamboo stiks in.  After we had the sausages, we had to go round and check the plants were in properly.  Jude 



Melbourne Camp, Saturday 30th - Sunday 31st July

On Saturday the 30th of July 2011 the 1st Belmont Cub Pack went on an overnight camp to Newport.

We started by catching the train to Williamstown North then walked to the pier to catch a “squashed” ferry under the Westgate Bridge to the Polly Woodside. There we learnt about life on a ship and about coal.

As we walked up to the station in the rain we saw a busker ‐‐‐ he was very funny, but sometimes pretty scary!

When we finally found the right train to catch we were dripping wet! When we got to the hall we were all very tired and hungry, but luckily the leaders made Tacos ‐‐‐ YUM!

It was so easy to go to bed and there was almost no talking.

The next day we were up bright and early, packed our gear and loaded the trailer.

We drove to Werribee where we looked at a B24 Liberator, a really big old bomber from the Second World War. It was being repaired in a huge hangar, and is one of only nine left in the world.

Then we had the long ride home (with the annoying GPS!)

At last we were at home!!


Kye's Grey Wolf Hike - Saturday 11th June

"Last Saturday 10 Scouts & Cubs went on Kye's hike.  After the scouts and some of the Cubs went on a scout hike."  Kye

Kye completed his Grey Wolf Hike leading 6 scouts and 3 cubs along the cliff top walk in Aireys Inlet.  At the end of the walk the scouts and a couple of the cubs continued onto Anglesea - where they headed to Eumeralla for an overnight camp. 

Well done Kye!

Region Camp, Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd May

13 of our Cubs attended Region Camp along with Scouts, Joeys & Venturers from 1st Belmont - not to mention from other groups across the region.

The Cub theme for the weekend activities was "Disney Land" and included activities from Sea World, Wet and Wild and Movie World.


** On Friday night May 20th I went to Regional Camp at Eumeralla Camp. I stayed at camp for 2 nights. We went walking in the bush, did craft activities and got wet from the rain! We made camp damper too. I liked the archery and the rock-climbing wall. I liked sleeping on the camp stretchers in the tent. It was fun to play with the other cubs. Jake

** I really enjoyed camp. The first night I thought we were going to sleep in smaller tents but we slept in bigger tents. We had my 3rd favourite dinner, spaghetti bolognaise. At night we told scary stories, and it was also funny. The next day was awesome as I saw some other people from my school. I thought we were really going to movie world, wet n wild and sea world, but it was still almost as fun as the real Disney world. My favourite part was the part when we did experiments (the goop). I am looking forward to cuboree.Nick



Jamboree of the Trail (JOTT), Saturday 14th May

On this day Scouts worldwide all walk together in a show of unity within the Scouting Movement. 

We had a good turn out for our walk with youth from Joeys, Cubs, Scouts and Venturers getting involved despite the rain!  We walked from Queens Park along the Barwon River to the Aborigine garden (near the Shannon Ave bridge) hunting kangaroos along the way.  After lunch in the garden we painted some boomerangs.

All Cubs that attended received their JOTT badge!



Shrine Visit, Wednesday 27th April

The Joeys and Cubs met at 6pm at the Peace Memorial in Johnston Park.  After investing our 5 new chums and 2 new leaders we were given a brief talk by one of the veterans and looked around the Peace Memorial.  All Cubs who attended earnt their Our Service - Our Heritage badge.  A special thanks to Barry Abley (an ex Belmont Scout!) and his fellow veteran who opened up the Memorial for us and answered our queries.


Anzac Day, Easter Monday 25th April

Jude, Luke and Akela represented the Cubs and joined the many scouts from throughout the district at the Anzac march and service in Anglesea.

Jude and I went on an ANZAC march at Anglesea.  ANZAC Day is about remembering people who died in the war.  We met a soldier who showed us his medals.  At the end of the service we explored the big gun on show outside the RSL.  Luke



Rohan's Grey Wolf Hike, Saturday 2nd April

Rohan is well on his way to completing his Grey Wolf award and has completed the hiking requirement by organising a hike in the Brisbane Ranges National Park with some of his fellow cubs.

Well done Rohan!

Thanks again Arlene, Geoff, Nick and Peter for joining Rohan on his hike. It was great to spend the morning together and in such a beautiful area.
                                 Scott Barnes

Cub Canoeing Day, Sunday 27th March

On the 27th of March 2011 different cub groups all went to Anglesea to do canoeing and different activities, there were three groups: group A, group B and Group C. Each group did a different activity. Group C went canoeing first and Groups B and A did rec or edu games. After that we had afternoon tea, then group B went canoeing. We went canoeing last (group A) so we could be in them for as long as we liked really, so my friend Sam and I went a bit too far away and got towed back by this guy (I don’t know his name) in a kayak and we got back to where everyone else was in no time it was so fast. Then when Sam and I decided to get out of the canoe we had hot dogs and I played with Connor who was my really god friend. But wasn’t in the same group as I was that day, then we went back home and that was the end of a great day.     Paul

10yo First Aid Afternoon, Sunday 20th March

All of our older cubs attended this special afternoon arranged just for 10 year olds (or at least those older than 9 3/4!) - it was a chance for them to pick up extra first aid skills while also meeting other Cubs from around the Barwon District.  By attending this afternoon they all received their First Aid Level 2 badge.

The First Aid day was great I learned about the DRAC system (Danger Response Airways Circulation) and what to do with numerous injuries.
The games were good and I really enjoyed it.  With this I will be working on my Grey Wolf Badge, because I already have got one level 2 badge, my First Aid.   Ethan

Sleepover at Hall, Friday 4th March

Arrive:     6pm Friday night
              Cubs will have hot dogs for dinner on arrival (food will be supplied). 

Pickup:   10am Saturday morning though earlier pickup is possible if required.

Please note : There is NO COST for this activity

Our planned program for the evening will include setting up tents, a scavenger hunt and some boomerang work on mapping, followed by supper and a movie before bed.  Cubs will sleep in tents inside or outside the Hall.  In the morning we will packup and have breakfast, followed by a brief first aid refresher and games if time permits.

What to bring:

-          Sleeping bag & Pillow
Camp Stretcher & Camp Mattress or Camp Mattress only
Pyjamas or Tracksuit
Warm jacket
-    Rain coat
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
-    Empty 825gram food can (for cooking pancakes)
Teddy bear or favourite toy to sleep with
-    It is NOT recommended that Cubs bring snacks, however if they do they will be expected to share them with all Cubs during supper.

We are hoping that for many of the new Cubs this will be an enjoyable introduction to overnight Cub activities.  If your child is thinking of attending Cuboree later in the year we strongly recommend that they participate in this activity as it will get them use to staying away from home with other cubs, count towards their Camp Out Badge which is a requirement of Cuboree, while also giving us a chance to see how individual Cubs cope.  Can you please let Nicole know if you child will be attending so we know numbers for catering.  Also can you all please ensure that we have up to date medical forms (these can be downloaded from the link to the Scouts Personal Info Health Record at

Founder's Day, Wednesday 23rd February

"On Founders Day we had a great time. It was the birthday of Baden-Powell. Firstly, we threw balls in a bucket while the bigger kids like rovers threw them out again. Then we got all the balls and shot them in the buckets with slingshots, and after a while, some of us went in front of the buckets and pretended to be targets! After all that, we got in groups and walked a path going around Eastern Gardens, stopping to write down letters stuck on trees and signs along the way. When we got back we had to unjumble the letters, and we all got chocolate. It was a GREAT night!"  Oscar

Founder's Day was a great success - thanks to all the families that came and got involved!!  It was good to see so many new faces as well old.

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