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Acacia Pack (Wed)

2017 Term 1 Program

Cubs-Term 1, 2017 Program

See bottom of page for downloadable pdf

So the new year has started.
With Founders day going off without a hitch, rain held off &  a nice warm night. Some new families joined us for a night of fun, getting to know one another & our new families too, sharing a picnic tea.
Yes that's right, we voluntarily went to prison!! We didn't lose anyone either amazing.. The Rotary club were fantastic taking us on a tour of Geelong's first Prison which opened in 1853 and closed in 1991,It house 150 criminals right here in our city centre!!

Camp at Williamstown!!!!
And what a weekend. We travelled by Ferry over to Polly Woodside and we made the cubs work real hard, rocking the boat and even scrubbing the Deck,
A nice stroll along the South Bank , with Master Chef offering free apples, what the!!!
Kids never say no to free apples. We go all the way looking at all the buskers to Federations Square. That's when we found the girls from My Kitchen Rules, Paige and Rosie , and got to
enjoy some of their Fettuccini.. Yum!! photo op for everyone.

And this is just the start of 2016..
Stay tuned to see what we get up to for term 2 2016!!!

WOW!!! November has been a busy month for us all..
Our Cubs have been out and about using a compass to find their way.
I must say they all did a great job, we did not lose anyone, amazing.!!
In keeping with indigenous theme we were hosted by Croydon Hills Scout Group.
They took us for a tour of the Warrandyte Trail  and learnt a lot about the Wurundjeri people as the traditional owners .
What a beautiful area  that is we were around the POUND BEND RESERVE.
We slept at their hall and went Canoeing at Lilydale Lakes, made digeridoos, plaster casts of animal prints, made damper and learnt about mapping!!WHOOO!!
As I said busy busy..
   At Lilydale Lake all ready for canoeing.!!
     Enjoying an evening around the campfire singing!!
WE will be finishing 2015,(That time already!!) with a night of Christmas festivities..
This our last fundraising effort so please share this poster with your friend
facebook families and help us raise the much needed funds for our group.
1st  Belmont Christmas Trees.

                            6-7 Foot Trees $55.00

                            7-8 Foot Trees $60.00


Or contact 0419 434 306.

                                      Collect: December 5

                                   9am to 1pm.

                                    Bunnings Waurn Ponds.

Enjoy your Scouting!! I know we have been!!

Our Cubs ran a fantastic night all about Marine Life.
They made clay fish and marine based games.
They did a fantastic job.
How clever are our sixes and seconds!!!
We had a great visit to Waurn Ponds S.E.S and were amazed at the amount of Equipment they have and how many Cubs can fit into one truck!!
A number of our 9year old Cubs attended a Leadership Sleepover at Dean St. hall.
Amazing they did mange to lay trails and follow trails around Belmont without getting lost!!
Well we did try!! Acacia Pack tried really hard to get our balloon up up and away, but
Alas-- it did not happen-- the hot air did blow up our balloon but did not get in in the air!!
Better luck next time!!
As we always say in Scouts--WE TRIED OUR BEST!!
This week is all about celebrating the blokes in our lives..
The cubs are bringing their favourite Bloke to Cubs!!
They will prepare their food & cook with them,
They will also practice Emergency Evacuation and teach them how to tie a Knot in teams!!
A lot of fun to be had and hopefully some pictures too..
What a great way to finish the term off!!
A joint night with Banksia at bowls...
This term we welcome Beverley Trainor as our new Cub Leader for Acacia Pack.
Beverley, known as KAA to our cubs has been attending our cub meeting for a few
 weeks now and has decide, as did we, that Belmont is the place to be..
So if you are at our meeting please be sure to say Hi to KAA.
Welcome aboard Beverley...
Over the next two weeks we will be investing to new chums and have two Joeys come
up to cubs..
We welcome
Darcy Scott. Liam Biro, Sienna Foster and James Wheaton!!
WOW Our pack IS growing!!!!
Have fun in Scouting..

Acacia Cub pack runs from 7pm to 8:30pm most Wednesday evenings.
This Term we are having a first Aid Theme.
We will have first Aid bags to fill throughout the term.
The Cubs have already had a taste of the winter Olympics and worked hard at warming up. They have been on a treasure Hunt around our local Streets, Kids and Parents had a great time while our sixers and seconds organised what they are doing August 12th..This Crew Can Do It Too!!!
All sections went Tree Planting, Yes in the cold and rain!! BRRRR..
Canoeing at Waterworld was great, A big thankyou to Alex and team for a fantastic afternoon..
A very busy weekend!!
Plenty more to come this Term.

We have a very busy year ahead with the Joeys preparing for Kangaree in April and Cubs getting
ready for Cuboree in Sept; lots of preparations.  
Below is some of the immediate activities...
We had a great morning cleaning up at McDonalds Reserve on Sunday.
We had  around 40 Volunteers including two Sacred Heart students.
our Joeys', Cubs and even some Scouts turned  up armed with gloves,
 hats and a drink all ready to work hard, and what a load they collected with around 10 bags of rubbish and equal amounts of recycles leaving our reserve looking cleaner then when we arrived..YEAH!!!! 
 Everyone did a wonderful job and the area looked pristine when we left.  Thank you all for your help,
 We have a great night planned. We have Josh and Jacinta coming along
to show us some of their fantastic Karate Moves.
The year of the ‘Rees fundraising begins  
Leaders run their sections and need YOU the parents to help fundraise and get leaders on the buses   School bus   School bus    School bus
to Kangaree and Cuboree by paying ALL their fees PLUS  half of attending youth fees is the aim. After September, Jamboree 2016 is the focus.
Older Scouts, Venturers and Rovers can fund their expeditions.
We have 3 car parks , Total Work Wear and the two blocks at 380 and 396 Latrobe Tce.
JULY 6th ( vs Bulldogs ) is the BIG ONE when we have the South Geelong Railway Station !
Put your name on the roster on the hall doors, email , or Call  0419434306
Dates are

Thu 20 Mar 7.10 pm                                                                                       Geelong vs Crows

Sat 12 Apr 7.40 pm                                                                                         Geelong vs West Coast


AT EUMARELLA-- Two night under canvas in preparation for Cuboree!!

Everyone welcome-- This camp is a: SURVIVOR CAMP.--inc.. Cooking, Fires and of course learning to put up a Tent..

Cost will be $50..

Please put these dates in your Diary so you are ready when the dates come up. Any Questions please speak to your Leaders or contact them

That's all from me cheers





posted 20 Oct 2013, 05:05 by Arlene Rawson   [ updated 20 Oct 2013, 05:08 ]


·       Monday 21st  October – Queens Park Hike

·         Saturday 26th – Sunday 27th October- Cub to Scouts linking camp

·         Monday 28th October – Convicts

·         Fri 1st - Sun 3rd November – Family Camp 
  •        Wed. 4th Dec...  Try Craft Night

Where: Queens Park

This Weeks Parent Helper: The Treseder Family.

Duty Six: Brown


Take note of the different location and watch out for the drop-bears and big cats! We are joining up with Acacia Pack for a hike from Queens Park to Buckley Falls.


Everything you need to know (apart from looking at the map attached to see exactly where the drop off and pick up is):


Drop off: 6:30pm @ Queens Park, Newtown (Newtown side)

Pick up: 8pm @ Buckley Falls Rd, Highton


What to bring: Backpack containing:

·         Water bottle

·         Healthy snack

·         Raincoat (if showers forecast)

·         Insect repellent

What to wear: Warm jumper (if cold)


Shoes suitable for walking


Contact: Daniel McLean (Jacala) 0419 893 731 Arlene Rawson (Akela) 0403 075 009





Saturday 26th – Sunday 27th October- Cub to Scouts linking campcid:image010.jpg@01CEC609.35FEA810


Arlene has sent details of this camp directly to many of the cub families that can come to this linking camp, but just in case you missed it – this is a camp for cubs who will be linking to scouts within the next twelve months and will be held at Patanga Park Scout Camp, Barongarook (near Colac).


The Cubs will stay in tents:

Program will involve:

o          hiking, navigation on trail, trangia cooking on trail

o          Scout Law & Promise

o          construction with spars & ropes

o          opening & closing Parade

o          safety in bush

o          first aid

o          cooking in camp ovens on open fire – Cubs will do this

o          bomber knockers

o          Scout’s Own

o          games


The cost of the camp is $30.00 per cub.

Monday 28th October- Convicts  

Where: Rugby Street

This Weeks Parent Helper: The Morgan Family.

Duty Six: Red


I uphold my right not to disclose any information about what we are doing this week.



Fri 1st - Sun 3rd November – Family Camp    


This year we will hold our now famous November Belmont Scouts Family Camp at "Treetops Camp and Activity Centre" a great Scout camp at Riddles Creek, just 100km from Geelong.


We would like to encourage families to camp if this is practical, but no one should feel excluded.... caravans/campers are an option (and can even access power!) or for those who really need a bit more comfort there are cabins (there are 5 separate 3BR cabins each sleeping 7).


Below is a summary of costs while full details of accommodation options and a map are attached.



Camping $5 per person per night 


Caravan with power $20 per night for two people, $7 per extra person (caravan without power as for camping)


Cabin (there are only 5 so be quick to send an email to

         3BR cabin sleeps seven, $100 for two people for two nights, $24 per extra adult, $16 per extra child


Friday night you’re on your own!


Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday

This will be provided and will include juice, cereals, and bacon, eggs and toast. 


Lunches on Saturday and Sunday

As in previous years to allow a maximum of flexibility please bring the makings for your own family


Saturday Dinner

This year we are planning a BBQ and asking that you bring meat for your own family and either a salad or desert to share.



$30 per family to cover breakfasts and incidentals

This is a great campsite with lots of open space. Activities that we can do at Treetops include Nature Trails, Flying Fox, Low Ropes Course and Orienteering. Are you wanting a quite weekend well that's also an option as our Family Camps are designed for you to be as active or contemplative as you want. The kids make new friends with those younger and older and parents are often surprised how relaxed a weekend it is though please remember parents are of course responsible for their own children as leaders are not at family camp to care for your kids! (Kids cannot attend Family Camp without a parent... unless another family "adopts" your child for the weekend).


Please advise if attending or not and offer any comments via the following below...

Family Camp @ Treetops





On  Monday the 2nd and Wednesday the 4th December, we have come and try craft nights While we Leaders pride ourselves as a knowledgeable group, Our guys are great IT Gurus, I am a bit of a "Jack Of All Trades"  and Hathi Is on Sick Leave,we are limited in craft work.

This means we need to find some people with some kind of unique talent that involves something like sticking beads on string, or putting coloured dots on paper..

 So if you know anyone that can teach a funky craft and can help out on either/both of these dates – please come and talk to us about it.


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Term 4 Program

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Here is our Term 4 Program


posted 14 Oct 2013, 02:40 by Belmont Images

Believe it or not 3rd Term is over and 4th term is about to start!!

What a year  we have had so far.....
We have been around the world in 90 min. Cooked up a storm at the end of term, Hope the kids have come down from their sugary high!!!

We Leaders had fun eating pizza and choc balls too!!.
This term we will see our linking Joeys come up to be wonderful Cubs(as they all are)
We will also be sending a couple of our Cubs up on their Journey into Scouts, they will have a
ball learning even more about scouts.

We are going to be finishing up some of our Boomerang work Monster style, parents will be needed
to help, If your game that is!!

First week back we will be running wild in and around our hall, great start for the first night, then
the rest of the term will be full on and loads of fun.

So check out our program and take note of the nights out of the hall and when you are exopected to help.
Duties for our parent helpers vary, mainly need help setting up for activities, cleaning up after activities, and generally making sure our hall and kitchen areas are the best they can be.

Still not sure!!
Just Ask us. We will let you know. If you cannot make it that night please let us know as soon as possible so we can ask another parent to swap nights.


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Cuboree – What’s all the fuss? – 29th of September to 3rd of October 2014  

Since Cuboree is only a year away, if you are interested in sending your cub – let’s start planning for it togehter. What gear do you need, how much does it cost, what’s involved – Lots of questions I know, Hopefully all  parents will keep an eye out for specials in the shops, talk about deals and ideas that we can share with all the cub families and this will hopefully help with the financial side of cuboree and help ensure that if your cub goes, they have the time of their lives!

Keep your eyes out for -5 sleeping bag, thermals always a great idea and don't forget the waterproof pants; saves heaps on their other clothes..s less you have to pack!!

What’s the deal with Cuboree? Sometimes it feels like were always asking for help fundraising, and sometimes it can get a bit annoying - feeling like  you constantly have to help, and where does all that money go anyway. Well – for cubs, one of the most important things that the fundraising effort goes towards is to help subsidize with the cost of Cuboree. To give you an idea of what is involved, just check out the video here:

  • Only 56 weeks to go! Not long – so we had better start planning.
  • Who can come? Current, Registered Cub Scouts born after 28th of September 2003
  • When can we apply? Applications will open in February 2014
  • When do applications close? NO youth applications will be accepted after 30th of June 2014
  • Cost will be $390 for Cubs.

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