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17/11/2014 - Nature Art

posted 24 Nov 2014, 15:45 by Keith Robertson   [ updated 27 Apr 2018, 07:38 by Matt Judd ]

Hi Cub Parents.


Your kids can surprise us in the most amazing ways, making us feel so lucky to be able to spend time with them - tonight was one of the best examples of that!


Who knew Ethan could roll so fast down a hill (I think we discovered his secret superhero skill), who knew Tyson could run so fast that no-one could turn him into a toilet.


And who knew your cubs were so creative! Take a look at some of the nature art they created tonight and morphed into new art over the night with items they found in the gardens.


Well done to all the cubs - special mention to Jeremy and Nathan who showed some exceptional artistic touch and passion in their creations.


The subs from tonight will get donated to the UN world toilet day initiative, highlighting how lucky our cubs are to live in circumstance where access to hygienic toilets is taken for granted, unfortunately not everyone int he world is so lucky, hopefully we got a bit of that message across tonight.