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Cuboree – What’s all the fuss? – 29th of September to 3rd of October 2014  

Since Cuboree is only a year away, if you are interested in sending your cub – let’s start planning for it togehter. What gear do you need, how much does it cost, what’s involved – Lots of questions I know, Hopefully all  parents will keep an eye out for specials in the shops, talk about deals and ideas that we can share with all the cub families and this will hopefully help with the financial side of cuboree and help ensure that if your cub goes, they have the time of their lives!

Keep your eyes out for -5 sleeping bag, thermals always a great idea and don't forget the waterproof pants; saves heaps on their other clothes..s less you have to pack!!

What’s the deal with Cuboree? Sometimes it feels like were always asking for help fundraising, and sometimes it can get a bit annoying - feeling like  you constantly have to help, and where does all that money go anyway. Well – for cubs, one of the most important things that the fundraising effort goes towards is to help subsidize with the cost of Cuboree. To give you an idea of what is involved, just check out the video here:

  • Only 56 weeks to go! Not long – so we had better start planning.
  • Who can come? Current, Registered Cub Scouts born after 28th of September 2003
  • When can we apply? Applications will open in February 2014
  • When do applications close? NO youth applications will be accepted after 30th of June 2014
  • Cost will be $390 for Cubs.