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Banksia Update - 31/08

posted 30 Aug 2013, 18:21 by Keith Robertson   [ updated 27 Apr 2018, 07:40 by Matt Judd ]

Hello Banksia Parents!

Phew! August is over at last – we’ve had fundraisers, camps, hikes and activities galore – it’s been mad – are you feeling scouted out? I know some of us are. Now it’s September, the sun is shining, the school holidays are just around the corner, time to sit back and relax….but wait, did someone say….. Cuboree 2014 is only 1 year away – AAAAARGGHHH, panic, stress, we’re not ready, we just got over August!

What’s the deal with Cuboree? Sometimes it feels like were always asking for help fundraising, and sometimes it can get a bit annoying - feeling like  you constantly have to help, and where does all that money go anyway. Well – for cubs, one of the most important things that the fundraising effort goes towards is to help subsidise with the cost of cuboree. To give you an idea of what is involved, just check out the video here:

Since Cuboree is only a year away, if you are interested in sending your cub – let’s start planning for it togehter. What gear do you need, how much does it cost, what’s involved – all questions that I don’t know the answer to yet, but as we all find out – I’ll keep you updated through the newsletter. Hopefully all us parents will keep an eye out for specials in the shops, talk about deals and ideas that we can share with all the cub families and this will hopefully help with the financial side of cuboree and help ensure that if your cub goes, they have the time of their lives!  


·         Monday 2nd September - Round-the-World in 90 minutes

·         Sunday 8th September - Region Cubs Leadership Course

·         Monday 2nd September - Australia’s Got Culture  

Monday 2nd September - Round-the-World in 90 minutes

This Weeks Parent Helper: The Brown Family.

Duty Six: Grey

Where looking at People and Cultures from around the world. Need to brush up on my Westeros history. (Can never quite remember where the Dothraki come from.)

Remember to bring your Dad/Grandpa/Uncle/special bloke. And make a note to take him home again.

Sunday 8th September - Region Cubs Leadership Course

I know – your thinking, didn’t we just have one of these? Even the picture of Chil looks the same. Well, don’t worry, you get to see your kid this weekend and find out what’s been happening in his/her life – this one is for 9yo cubs who miss 17-18 Aug District Leadership Course. But then, if they didn’t go on the last one, I guess you don’t get to see them this weekend.

Monday 2nd September - Australia’s Got Culture  

This Weeks Parent Helper: The Taylor Family.

Duty Six: Brown

Time to learn a bit about Aboriginal Culture.


Product Recall – Wind & Waterproof Matches    


"Good Afternoon

Thank you very much for your help.  The picture attached is the product in question.  We are recalling these due to them possibly self igniting!  So if anyone has purchased these in the last couple of months please get them to either destroy or bring them back in to the shop for a full refund or contact myself on (03) 5229 3612 during business hours.

 Kind Regards

Jason France

Aussie Disposals Geelong
Shop 2261 Westfield Geelong
95 Malop St
Geelong, Vic 3220
P: (03) 5229 3612  |  F: (03) 5221 2016


Cuboree – What’s all the fuss? – 29th of September to 3rd of October 2014  

Only 56 weeks to go! Not long – so we had better start planning.

Who can come? Current, Registered Cub Scouts born after 28th of September 2003

When can we apply? Applications will open in February 2014

When do applications close? NO youth applications will be accepted after 30th of June 2014

More information to follow as it comes to light.

Good night and good hunting!