Past Events

    Cub Breakup Wave Pool - Saturday, 11th December
    Minute to Win It Night - Monday, 22nd November
    Progressive Walk - Wednesday, 20th October
    Jamboree of the Air (JOTA) - Saturday, 16th October
Precuboree Camp - Saturday, 21st August & Sunday, 22nd August - ONLY FOR CUBS ATTENDING CUBOREE
    First Aid Night - Wednesday, 18th August
    National Tree Day - Sunday, 1st August
    Sleepover at Hall - Friday, 30th July
World Great Race - Sunday, 18th July
    Tree Day, Limeburners Point, Geelong - Saturday, 20th June
    Camp Out Day - Sunday, 19th June

Cub Breakup Wave Pool - Saturday 11th December

Despite the cold weather, the kids really enjoyed the Wave Pool and slides at the Melbourne Aquatic Centre!

Minute To Win It Night - Monday 22nd November

On Monday 22nd November, we joined Highton Cub Scouts for a fun filled night of challenges.  During the night the Cubs were required to:

>> Eat an oreo by placing it on their forehead and use their
face muscles to get it into their mouth...

>> Use an "Elevator" made from 2 bits of strings and pencils to lift 3 smarties into their mouth...


>> Knock over bottles using a cricket ball hanging from pantyhouse that is placed over their head....


>> Tap 2 balloons to keep them off the ground for one minute while staying within the circles...

>> Push oranges into a circle by using a banana tied around their waist...


>> Bounce ping pong balls into water filled containers...

Progressive Walk - Wednesday 20th October

"On Wednesday 20th October, we had a walk from Rippleside Park to Eastern Beach, passing by all the bollards. Me and my brother were the first cubs at Rippleside Park, and we got to play there. On our walk, I saw a bollard carrying a Cocky, and I came across a sign about Magpies. When Kaa said "rabbits" I thought she meant real rabbits. In total I saw twenty rabbits. At Eastern Beach I saw a colourful Ferris Wheel. We
had to write answers to questions on a sheet, and we had to start at the bottom of the sheet.
"  Peter

 Jamboree of the Air (JOTA) - Saturday 16th October

"We were invited to join the scouts at JOTA.  We were taught to use the radio by the instructor.  He used his codename to introduce himself.  I spoke to Corey first.  Corey is a Venturer in Adelaide SA. I  told him we were in SE Australia in Eumeralla Scout Camp (HQ)."  Jude

The Cubs were invited by the Geelong Region Scout Council to attend Jamboree of the Air (JOTA), which was run as part of the Cohen Shield (a Scout Event) at Eumerella.  Not only did they all speak on the radio, but during the day the cubs viewed some of the activities the scouts were involved in, built a shelter and did an obstacle course.

Precuboree Camp - Saturday 21 st & Sunday 22nd August

"At Precuboree Camp we made cool balloon things, which were rice inside balloons and with a glow stick hanging off and a piece of string. We threw them up and tried to catch them, it was really fun. It was a great Precuboree Camp and I am looking forward to the real Cuboree."  Spencer

At Precuboree Camp the Cubs got to meet the leaders and cubs from other groups that they would be spending time with at Cuboree.  It was a fun weekend with activities such as obstacle courses, billy carting, sand sculpting, and much more...  

First Aid Night  - Wednesday, 18th August

A big THANKS to all our parent helpers that made our
First Aid Night a big success
and helped the Cubs sew
their own first aid bag!

If your Cub needs a reminder of what to put in the
First Aid Kit click here...

National Tree Day - Sunday, 1st August

With Lions Club of Geelong Breakfast... we planted around 500 plants!!!!  

Thanks to all the cubs and families that joined us.   Many of the cubs that attended have now successfully met the requirements of the Scout Environment Week badge by attending the Environment night we held a few weeks ago and helping out today.  A few of the cubs have also successfully completed their Landcare badge after putting in 8 hours on community projects.  


Sleepover at Hall - Friday, 30th July

"At the hall, most of the Cubs went to this most amazing sleepover.  I went too, all of the Cubs that were there made there own pizzas, the pizzas were incredibly tasty!  After the pizzas we set up our tents and Connor and I went through three tents, but then we finally figured out there was only 1 option, which was tent number four.  We set our gear up and then we did a few safety games for our boomerang badges.  After than we had gotten cosey up in our tents and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks!  After that Connor and I, and all the others went to bed.  The next morning we had some cereal for a few minutes and then we packed all our stuff for home time.  There was still some time left so we played the Jungle book game which has all of the characters in it - it was Jungle book bingo.  It was not long until we had to say goodbye so I played games until my dad picked me up, I was super muddy from playing in the grass."  Joshua

'World Great Race' – Sunday 18th July

"My favourite activity was at Waurn Ponds shopping centre. We had to go to Donut King where they gave us a free donut as well as our task. The task was to find shops which started with each letter of the alphabet.

We learnt how to read a bus timetable (after we missed the bus!!)

We learnt how many shops there are in Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre.

We looked for shops in Highton Shopping Village that answered the descriptions we were given
and used their names to answer a clue -it spelt “Happy”.

We used the Miki touch on and touch off (10 times!!)

Despite the weather we successfully travelled around the world by bus and visited such countries as France, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, China and Italy to name just a few.  In France, we sampled donuts... in Zimbabwe we trained as African Hunters and in China we rebuilt the great wall and practised using chopsticks!

A special thanks to parents Gemma Heatley & Genevieve Twyford who did a great job welcoming travellers to China.

Tree Day, Limeburners Point, Geelong - Saturday 26th June

"On Saturday, 26th of June 1st Belmont cubs group met at Limeburners Point to help the East Geelong Rotary club plant trees.  It was wet but we still had fun!"  Matthew

With Geelong East Rotary Club to plant trees indigenous to the area.

What a morning, we had five very brave cubs turn up to plant some trees, to help put stakes and cover around them to protect them from wayward motorists and rabbits.
Rohan, Kye, Jude, Matthew and Spencer all left the comfort of their beds and warm homes to come down to a FREEZING Limeburners Point.  Wind a Blowing and the rain came down and still they soldiered on.
We were rewarded for a job well done with hot sausages and a drink each.  To top the day off the last hour (we were there for 4hrs) we planted trees in a special spot we now call 1st Belmont Cubs Revegetation garden. We are going to have to make our own sign for that now so that when any of you go down to Limeburners Point you will know where we planted our very own area.
Well done guys and a big thankyou to you all and to Bourkeys frontyard, the East Geelong Rotary club for organising this tree planting day.

Camp Out Day - Saturday 19th June

"On Saturday some cubs went to Eumerella.  We did compass work, we also made our own little camp with a fire, we played a game and ate.  We had fun!  The best thing was making a fire.  Josh, Chil and I made a ladder of wood in a tree."  Kye

The day was a great success, the cubs had a lot of fun learning first aid, making their own small campsites, trying to light fires (supervised of course!), orienteering, racing through the obstacle course and  constructing from wood and rope.  Check out Cubs Corner in the Scout Hall for more photos!!!