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Banksia Pack (Mondays)

Term 1 Program 2017 Banksia Pack

posted 12 Feb 2017, 04:23 by Scott Barnes   [ updated 12 Feb 2017, 04:26 ]

Term 1 Program 2017- Banksia

Term 4 2016 Program

posted 16 Sep 2016, 03:39 by Keith Robertson   [ updated 18 Sep 2016, 16:01 ]

Term 4, 2016 ProgramScouts_Australia.svg.png

1st Belmont Banksia Cub Scouts

Theme: Thinking globally



Program Leader

Duty Six

Parent Helper

3 Oct


Street explorer challenge




10 Oct


Boomerang bases




14-15 Oct

JOTI Sleepover

17 Oct

Where in the world?!?

Developing world/refugees




22-23 Oct

Link Camp

24 Oct

Cuboree 9, it’ll be so fine!!

Sixer/Second-run night




31 Oct

Trick or treat?

Halloween night




4-6 Nov

1st Belmont Youth Camp

All age groups camp at Eumeralla

7 Nov

District Cub Olympics




14 Nov

Up the garden path

Gardening and biology




21 Nov

Bzzzzz zzzzzzz zzzzzzz zzzzzzz...

Celebrating Pollinator Week with the bees




26 Nov

Cubs take over Geelong (District event)


28 Nov

More crafty than aleader in craftville!

Craft bonanza




5 Dec

Moo-vie Night

Sit back and relax




Sun 11 Dec

Big breakup

Serendip Sanctuary - Lara


16 Dec

District Cubs Jungle birthday party



Term 3 Program

posted 27 Jul 2015, 03:31 by Keith Robertson

Our Term 3 program is attached with a theme of health and safety

17/11/2014 - Nature Art

posted 24 Nov 2014, 15:45 by Keith Robertson   [ updated 24 Nov 2014, 15:50 ]

Hi Cub Parents.


Your kids can surprise us in the most amazing ways, making us feel so lucky to be able to spend time with them - tonight was one of the best examples of that!


Who knew Ethan could roll so fast down a hill (I think we discovered his secret superhero skill), who knew Tyson could run so fast that no-one could turn him into a toilet.


And who knew your cubs were so creative! Take a look at some of the nature art they created tonight and morphed into new art over the night with items they found in the gardens.


Well done to all the cubs - special mention to Jeremy and Nathan who showed some exceptional artistic touch and passion in their creations.


The subs from tonight will get donated to the UN world toilet day initiative, highlighting how lucky our cubs are to live in circumstance where access to hygienic toilets is taken for granted, unfortunately not everyone int he world is so lucky, hopefully we got a bit of that message across tonight.





Term 2 Program

posted 4 Apr 2014, 19:03 by Keith Robertson

Here is our term 2 program, titled "Inside Out". Lots of fun for everyone...

Banksia Update 17/10

posted 20 Oct 2013, 03:41 by Keith Robertson   [ updated 20 Oct 2013, 03:44 ]

Hello Banksia Parents!


·         Friday 18th October – JOTI sleepover @ Belmont Primary

·         Monday 21st  October – Queens Park Hike

·         Saturday 26th – Sunday 27th October- Cub to Scouts linking camp

·         Monday 28th October – Convicts

·         Fri 1st - Sun 3rd November – Family Camp    


Friday 18th October (TBC)- JOTA/JOTI sleepover

There’s been plenty of emails on this one, so there’s not much more to say… unless it’s being said via Skype.

Monday 21st October- Queens Park Hike  

Where: Queens Park

This Weeks Parent Helper: The Treseder Family.

Duty Six: Brown

Take note of the different location and watch out for the drop-bears and big cats! We are joining up with Acacia Pack for a hike from Queens Park to Buckley Falls.

Everything you need to know (apart from looking at the map attached to see exactly where the drop off and pick up is):

Drop off: 6:30pm @ Queens Park, Newtown (Newtown side)

Pick up: 8pm @ Buckley Falls Rd, Highton

What to bring: Backpack containing:

·         Water bottle

·         Healthy snack

·         Raincoat (if showers forecast)

·         Insect repellent

What to wear: Warm jumper (if cold)

Shoes suitable for walking

Contact: Daniel McLean (Jacala) 0419 893 731 Arlene Rawson (Akela) 0403 075 009

Saturday 26th – Sunday 27th October- Cub to Scouts linking camp


Arlene has sent details of this camp directly to many of the cub families that can come to this linking camp, but just in case you missed it – this is a camp for cubs who will be linking to scouts within the next twelve months and will be held at Patanga Park Scout Camp, Barongarook (near Colac).

The Cubs will stay in tents:

Program will involve:

o          hiking, navigation on trail, trangia cooking on trail

o          Scout Law & Promise

o          construction with spars & ropes

o          opening & closing Parade

o          safety in bush

o          first aid

o          cooking in camp ovens on open fire – Cubs will do this

o          bomby knockers

o          Scout’s Own

o          games

The cost of the camp is $30.00 per cub.

Monday 28th October- Convicts  

Where: Rugby Street

This Weeks Parent Helper: The Morgan Family.

Duty Six: Red

I uphold my right not to disclose any information about what we are doing this week.


Fri 1st - Sun 3rd November – Family Camp    

This year we will hold our now famous November Belmont Scouts Family Camp at "Treetops Camp and Activity Centre" a great Scout camp at Riddles Creek, just 100km from Geelong.

We would like to encourage families to camp if this is practical, but no one should feel excluded.... caravans/campers are an option (and can even access power!) or for those who really need a bit more comfort there are cabins (there are 5 separate 3BR cabins each sleeping 7).

Below is a summary of costs while full details of accommodation options and a map are attached.


Camping $5 per person per night 

Caravan with power $20 per night for two people, $7 per extra person (caravan without power as for camping

Cabin (there are only 5 so be quick to send an email to

         3BR cabin sleeps seven, $100 for two people for two nights, $24 per extra adult, $16 per extra child


Friday night you’re on your own!

Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday

This will be provided and will include juice, cereals, and bacon, eggs and toast. 

Lunches on Saturday and Sunday

As in previous years to allow a maximum of flexibility please bring the makings for your own family

Saturday Dinner

This year we are planning a BBQ and asking that you bring meat for your own family and either a salad or desert to share.


$30 per family to cover breakfasts and incidentals

This is a great campsite with lots of open space. Activities that we can do at Treetops include Nature Trails, Flying Fox, Low Ropes Course and Orienteering. Are you wanting a quite weekend well that's also an option as our Family Camps are designed for you to be as active or contemplative as you want. The kids make new friends with those younger and older and parents are often surprised how relaxed a weekend it is though please remember parents are of course responsible for their own children as leaders are not at family camp to care for your kids! (Kids cannot attend Family Camp without a parent... unless another family "adopts" your child for the weekend).

Please advise if attending or not and offer any comments via the following below...

Family Camp @ Treetops


On Monday the 2nd December & Wednesday the 4th December, we have come and try craft nights – now, while both Rikki and I are both from an accounting background and Rikki is particularly crafty with money, it seems money laundering doesn’t go well with the rest of the leaders as a proposed craft station and surprisingly doesn’t feature as something that needs to be covered as part of the boomerang work.

Unfortunately that means we need to find some people with some kind of unique talent that involves something like sticking beads on string, or putting coloured dots on paper – (huh what kind of skills are they! How about identifying ways to get an extra couple of deductions on this years tax return, or learning about the importance of Super!)

So if you know anyone that can teach a funky craft and can help out on either/both of these dates – please come and talk to us about it.

Phew, I think that’s all I had to tell you about for now, probably forgotten something though - Good night and good hunting!



Term 4 Program

posted 26 Sep 2013, 03:59 by Keith Robertson

Here is our Term 4 Program

Banksia Update - 31/08

posted 30 Aug 2013, 18:21 by Keith Robertson

Hello Banksia Parents!

Phew! August is over at last – we’ve had fundraisers, camps, hikes and activities galore – it’s been mad – are you feeling scouted out? I know some of us are. Now it’s September, the sun is shining, the school holidays are just around the corner, time to sit back and relax….but wait, did someone say….. Cuboree 2014 is only 1 year away – AAAAARGGHHH, panic, stress, we’re not ready, we just got over August!

What’s the deal with Cuboree? Sometimes it feels like were always asking for help fundraising, and sometimes it can get a bit annoying - feeling like  you constantly have to help, and where does all that money go anyway. Well – for cubs, one of the most important things that the fundraising effort goes towards is to help subsidise with the cost of cuboree. To give you an idea of what is involved, just check out the video here:

Since Cuboree is only a year away, if you are interested in sending your cub – let’s start planning for it togehter. What gear do you need, how much does it cost, what’s involved – all questions that I don’t know the answer to yet, but as we all find out – I’ll keep you updated through the newsletter. Hopefully all us parents will keep an eye out for specials in the shops, talk about deals and ideas that we can share with all the cub families and this will hopefully help with the financial side of cuboree and help ensure that if your cub goes, they have the time of their lives!  


·         Monday 2nd September - Round-the-World in 90 minutes

·         Sunday 8th September - Region Cubs Leadership Course

·         Monday 2nd September - Australia’s Got Culture  

Monday 2nd September - Round-the-World in 90 minutes

This Weeks Parent Helper: The Brown Family.

Duty Six: Grey

Where looking at People and Cultures from around the world. Need to brush up on my Westeros history. (Can never quite remember where the Dothraki come from.)

Remember to bring your Dad/Grandpa/Uncle/special bloke. And make a note to take him home again.

Sunday 8th September - Region Cubs Leadership Course

I know – your thinking, didn’t we just have one of these? Even the picture of Chil looks the same. Well, don’t worry, you get to see your kid this weekend and find out what’s been happening in his/her life – this one is for 9yo cubs who miss 17-18 Aug District Leadership Course. But then, if they didn’t go on the last one, I guess you don’t get to see them this weekend.

Monday 2nd September - Australia’s Got Culture  

This Weeks Parent Helper: The Taylor Family.

Duty Six: Brown

Time to learn a bit about Aboriginal Culture.


Product Recall – Wind & Waterproof Matches    


"Good Afternoon

Thank you very much for your help.  The picture attached is the product in question.  We are recalling these due to them possibly self igniting!  So if anyone has purchased these in the last couple of months please get them to either destroy or bring them back in to the shop for a full refund or contact myself on (03) 5229 3612 during business hours.

 Kind Regards

Jason France

Aussie Disposals Geelong
Shop 2261 Westfield Geelong
95 Malop St
Geelong, Vic 3220
P: (03) 5229 3612  |  F: (03) 5221 2016


Cuboree – What’s all the fuss? – 29th of September to 3rd of October 2014  

Only 56 weeks to go! Not long – so we had better start planning.

Who can come? Current, Registered Cub Scouts born after 28th of September 2003

When can we apply? Applications will open in February 2014

When do applications close? NO youth applications will be accepted after 30th of June 2014

More information to follow as it comes to light.

Good night and good hunting!



Banksia Update - 17/08/2013

posted 17 Aug 2013, 21:07 by Keith Robertson   [ updated 17 Aug 2013, 21:09 ]

Hello Banksia Parents!

Just a quick update this week as I am about to rush off to the leadership course in Dean Street – hope to see some of you there.

Most importantly - Arlene is looking for payment for the Colac camp by Wednesday this week – so if your cub is coming, please make sure you bring the payment in on Monday night.



·         Monday 19th August – Super Wonder Cub Scouts, Activate

·         Friday 23rd through till Sunday 25th. August.- Colac Camp   

·         Saturday 24th August – Footy car parking.

·         Saturday 24th & 25th August – Faggs BBQ.

·         Monday 26th August – No Meeting


Monday 19th August - Super Wonder Cub Scouts, Activate!     

This Weeks Parent Helper: The Sweeney Family.

Duty Six: Red

Scouts in Action in the community, with a  sub theme of the environment.

We are planning for our Muddy boots, Sandy Hands activity (  to follow one weekend soon.

Friday-23rd through till Sunday 25th. August.- Colac Camp   

That’s crept up on us - Banksia and Acacia packs are going camping to Colac. The cost of the weekend is $40.00, which needs to be paid by the 21st August.

Saturday 24th August  - Footy car parking.                                                         

Next date to volunteer is:

· Saturday 24th August 2.30 for 4.40 game start V. Swans

Saturday 24th & 25th August  - Faggs BBQ    

Volunteers are needed for our fundraising BBQ – if you can spare a few hours please get involved!

Kids can assist (with appropriate adult supervision).

We also need someone to volunteer to coordinate the roster and preparation please if you can help please contact Scott ( or 0428379281)

Monday 26th August – No Meeting.

Because we are going camping on the weekend, there is no meeting for Banksia Group this week.


Trivia Night Wrap up from Belinda Evans  


Thanks to all those who attended, assisted, donated and contributed towards making the Trivia Night a success..

I am sure you will all agree that All Saints was the perfect venue.

Congratulations to Arkela's Winning Team who were head to head with "The Barnes" team right up to the last round.

We have plans for making it bigger and better next year!

We will have more spot prizes, more parent and youth involvement.  We plan to reduce the number of questions too, so a bit more socialising can take place.

We really encourage you to come along in 2014 and make it a fantastic family occasion and night out.  The Kids room was very popular and gave parents a night out !

This night is an excellent chance to acknowledge our Leaders and for parents to get to know one another.

Revenue generated from the night which at first count is over $1700.00....goes towards hall upkeep (great to be able to go out and buy paint knowing that funds are available etc ) and future purchase of Q Store supplies and use towards our hall project fund.

Parent Helpers     


Each week a family will be rostered on as Parent Helper.  Their role is to assist with activities, help with cleaning up the mess Arlene makes, tidying, setting up and pack up and most importantly to join in with the activities and have fun with the Cubs.


We have a roster of parent helpers, listed on our term program.




Good night and good hunting!





Weeree Baaackkk.....

posted 14 Jul 2013, 02:42 by Keith Robertson   [ updated 14 Jul 2013, 02:44 ]

Hi Banksia Parents!

I hope you are all enjoying the school holidays and staying warm!


·       First night back – Symbols of Australia, in the Hall, usual time.

·       Parent Helper - Our parent helper this week is the Rajmohan Family.



  • Second week back - WEDNESDAY 24th July, Awards Night and Group Annual Reports, time and venue TBC.
  • Saturday 3rd August (TBC) - JOTT, Jamboree Of The Trail. Hike to suit all age groups at Moggs creek.
  • Friday 9th August - Trivia Night
  • Sunday 18th August, 2-4pm - Try Cubbing


First night back – Symbols of Australia - Monday 15th July, at the Hall usual time

Do you know what’s on the Victorian coat of arms? Better find out before your cub knows eh. What about a drop bear and a bunyip?

This is a theme that lets us tick off some of our boomerang work. We will be playing a couple of games to help learn about our Australian Symbols like the make up of our flags and coat of rams, making passports and practicing flag handling.

Parent Helper

The Parent Helper for this week is Rajmohan. Please see the attached term program for a list of all parent helpers for the term. If you are not on the list, feel free to join in on a week of your choosing.

We have a camp listed on the program that will change from what the program currently says, but will be held around the time mentioned in August.

Dates for the Diary:

First night back next term will be Monday 15th July at the Hall, usual time.

Second week back - Wednesday 24th July, Group Annual Reports and Awards Night - venue and time TBC

Please note the change of day.

Don't be put off by the title - in typical 1st Belmont style, this is always a great night.

This is where you come with your family and bring a 'Pot Luck Dinner' (a meal to share).

All of 1st Belmont share a meal together and our Scouts do their best to wait on us!

We have time to sit and meet other parents from all sections, find out what they have been up to and what our plans are for 1st Belmont and your part in it.

JOTT, Saturday 3rd or 4th August (to be confirmed) - Jamboree Of The Trail

This is a worldwide scouting event held in May, so being on the opposite side of the world, it seems appropriate to hold it in August. 

We walk in our uniforms, this year will be at Moggs creek with hike lengths to suit all age groups. Time and details TBC.

Trivia Night – Friday 9th of August.

Question:         What AFL game is on Friday 9th August?

Answer:           St Kilda v Hawthorn. BORING, if you want to know who wins – it’s not St Kilda.

Question:         Who knows tonnes of useless facts that are only good for one thing?

Answer:           You! so come along to trivia night! (If you are really truly good at trivia, don’t tell anyone else – just let Akela know!)


This will be  a great chance to give our hard working leaders a break and show them our support by organising a parent run event.

Trivia Night volunteers are greatly appreciated and needed ASAP.

Please help out by volunteering a little bit of your time -  we have list with lots of little jobs for you to choose from.


For more information and details see the flyer attached and contact

Belinda Evans

Phone/Text 0458 504 058




See you Monday,


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