Weeree Baaackkk.....

posted 14 Jul 2013, 02:42 by Keith Robertson   [ updated 14 Jul 2013, 02:44 ]

Hi Banksia Parents!

I hope you are all enjoying the school holidays and staying warm!


·       First night back – Symbols of Australia, in the Hall, usual time.

·       Parent Helper - Our parent helper this week is the Rajmohan Family.



  • Second week back - WEDNESDAY 24th July, Awards Night and Group Annual Reports, time and venue TBC.
  • Saturday 3rd August (TBC) - JOTT, Jamboree Of The Trail. Hike to suit all age groups at Moggs creek.
  • Friday 9th August - Trivia Night
  • Sunday 18th August, 2-4pm - Try Cubbing


First night back – Symbols of Australia - Monday 15th July, at the Hall usual time

Do you know what’s on the Victorian coat of arms? Better find out before your cub knows eh. What about a drop bear and a bunyip?

This is a theme that lets us tick off some of our boomerang work. We will be playing a couple of games to help learn about our Australian Symbols like the make up of our flags and coat of rams, making passports and practicing flag handling.

Parent Helper

The Parent Helper for this week is Rajmohan. Please see the attached term program for a list of all parent helpers for the term. If you are not on the list, feel free to join in on a week of your choosing.

We have a camp listed on the program that will change from what the program currently says, but will be held around the time mentioned in August.

Dates for the Diary:

First night back next term will be Monday 15th July at the Hall, usual time.

Second week back - Wednesday 24th July, Group Annual Reports and Awards Night - venue and time TBC

Please note the change of day.

Don't be put off by the title - in typical 1st Belmont style, this is always a great night.

This is where you come with your family and bring a 'Pot Luck Dinner' (a meal to share).

All of 1st Belmont share a meal together and our Scouts do their best to wait on us!

We have time to sit and meet other parents from all sections, find out what they have been up to and what our plans are for 1st Belmont and your part in it.

JOTT, Saturday 3rd or 4th August (to be confirmed) - Jamboree Of The Trail

This is a worldwide scouting event held in May, so being on the opposite side of the world, it seems appropriate to hold it in August. 

We walk in our uniforms, this year will be at Moggs creek with hike lengths to suit all age groups. Time and details TBC.

Trivia Night – Friday 9th of August.

Question:         What AFL game is on Friday 9th August?

Answer:           St Kilda v Hawthorn. BORING, if you want to know who wins – it’s not St Kilda.

Question:         Who knows tonnes of useless facts that are only good for one thing?

Answer:           You! so come along to trivia night! (If you are really truly good at trivia, don’t tell anyone else – just let Akela know!)


This will be  a great chance to give our hard working leaders a break and show them our support by organising a parent run event.

Trivia Night volunteers are greatly appreciated and needed ASAP.

Please help out by volunteering a little bit of your time -  we have list with lots of little jobs for you to choose from.


For more information and details see the flyer attached and contact

Belinda Evans

Phone/Text 0458 504 058

Email belindae@gmail.com



See you Monday,