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Cub Uniform

The Cub Scout Uniform consists of the dark blue shirt with the section on colour, which is yellow, across the sleeve, yoke and collar.

The other components of the uniform are a blue or moss-green belt and a scarf and woggle.

Polo Shirt (knitted polyester/cotton) - a little cheaper (~$30)
but not as hard wearing as button-up shirt

Button-up shirt (woven polyester/viscose) (~$40)
tougher longer wearing option

Uniforms are sold by Snowgum Australia - they offer an excellent mail order service or visit 104 Moorabool St, Geelong.

An important part of the Cub Scout program is the award scheme. There are several types of badges that Cubs can achieve they are:

Boomerang Badges | Achievement Badges | Special Interest Badges | Grey Wolf Badge | Other Special Badge

Boomerang Badges

The boomerang badges form the basis of our week to week programs. There are three boomerang levels. In general:
  • Cubs aged approximately 7-8 years work towards the BRONZE boomerang
  • Cubs aged approximately 9 years work towards the SILVER boomerang
  • Cubs aged approximately 10 years work towards the GOLD boomerang
To achieve each of the awards a Cub must complete 10 out of 14 set tasks. The requirements of these tasks are set out in 'The Cub Scout Record Book' that will be provided by the group once your child has been invested.

There will be opportunities in our weekly meetings to complete the requirements for these awards.

Achievement Badges

There are 34 Achievement Badges. Each badge comes in two levels - Level 1 green (easier) and Level 2 maroon (more challenging). The work for these badges helps to widen your child's interests and to explore and develop new skills.

Sometimes activities such as cooking or a bike camp will be arranged so that each child has a chance to earn an achievement badge. Cubs are also encouraged to work for badges outside
of activities arranged for the pack. This can include but is not limited to activities completed at school and at home.

A list of the Achievement badges follows - the requirements are set out in 'The Cub Scout Record Book'.
Art & Design
Animals & Birds
Codes & Signals
First Aider
Information Technology
International Culture
Masks & Sculptures
World Friendship

Special Interest Badges
Cub Scouts can earn a number of Special Interest Badges. They are:

Local History
Their Service - Our Heritage
Language Emblem
Faith Awareness
World Conservation

The requirements for these badges are set out in 'The Cub Scout Record Book'.

Grey Wolf Badge

The Grey Wolf Award is designed for the older Cub Scouts and is the highest achievement that a Cub Scout can obtain. It is not expected that many Cub Scouts will achieve the Grey Wolf and it is aimed at those that are motivated to do more, have a willingness to learn and show persistence.

If you would like to earn your Grey Wolf Badge, please speak to one of the leaders around the time that you commence your Gold Boomerang.

The requirements of the Grey Wolf Award are set out in 'The Cub Scout Record Book'.

Other Special Badges

Scout Environment Weeks 2010 Badge

All participants must complete a minimum total of 4 hours which will contain education/training and a practical work component. All activities should be conducted within a 50 km radius of our hall and conducted with outside environmental agencies eg. Landcare, Bushcare, Local Council. A representative of that organisation must sign the SEW Activity Registration Form.

The requirements of this badge have been met for those Cubs that attended the Environment Night on July 21st and partipated in tree planting for National Tree Day on August 1st.

The requirements of this badge must be completed by no later than 31 October 2010.

Camp Out Badge

The Camp Out Badge is a specialist Victorian badge developed to prepare Cub Scouts for camping. This badge is a prerequisite for Cuboree but can also be earned by all Cubs.
Click here to view the requirements of the Camp Out Badge...

Lester Literate Badge

For those that like reading and writing!!
Click here to view the requirements of the Lester Literate Badge...

Dolphin Badges

The aim of the dolphin badge is to encourage Cub Scouts to improve there swimming. There is no restriction on the swimming style, but swimming aids (eg, flotation devices, flippers etc.) cannot be used. Details of each swim must be recorded (a Dolphin Badge Record Card is available for purchase from Snow Gum).

There are three levels:

The Red Dolphin Badge is gained by swimming 1.5 km (1500 metres) in one session. There is no restriction on time (within reason). Temporary retirement from the water due to severe muscle cramp can be allowed at the discretion of the official or Leader in charge, without penalty.

The Silver Dolphin Badge can be earned by the holder of a Red Dolphin Badge, who swims a further 14.5 km to a total of 16km, with a minimum of 400 metres at a time, over six months.

The Gold Dolphin Badgecan be earned by the holder of a Silver Dolphin Badge who swims a total of 80 km, with a minimum of 400 metres at a time, over 12 months.