Key Dates:


29th of September to 3rd of October

Who can come?

Current, Registered Cub Scouts born after

28th of September 2003

When can we apply?

Applications will open in February 2014

When do applications close?

NO youth applications will be accepted after

30th of June 2014

WhoHow Much
Cub Scout $390.00

The Camp Out badge is a specialist Victorian badge developed to prepare the Cub Scout for camping. We
encourage parents to motivate their Cub Scouts attending Cuboree to achieve the badge.

During a holiday period, pack a bag for four days/nights
duration. The Cub Scout is to use only that gear over the
four days and will also wash and dry their crockery and
cutlery during that period. The Cub Scout is to be aware of
the need for good hygiene, storing and packing clothes
away correctly and wearing appropriate clothing for

       2. Camp out at home either in the backyard or on the floor in a
sleeping bag and learn to use their torch to get to the
bathroom etc. in the dark
3. Attend two sleep-overs.

4. Attend a Pack Holiday under canvas of two consecutive
nights’ duration where Cub Scouts are involved in cooking a

5. The Cub Scout is to demonstrate that they can erect
dismantle and pack up a tent working as a team with other
cub scouts.

6. The Cub Scout is to convey to the Cub Scout Leader that
he/she is aware of the need for everyone to carry out good
hygiene ethics, eat healthy food, drinks lots of water and
report any illnesses or injuries, whilst on pack


During 2014 there will be lots of opportunity for parents to be involved in Fundraising for this event.
In the past our fundraising has help parents get their kids(and Leaders) to

 Kangaree,A joey camp

Cuboree, A cub camp
and Jamboree, a scout event.

By helping with Fundraising you too can help with the cost of Kangaree and VCuboree in 2014.
The more money we make Fundraising the less parents have to pay for these major events for our scouts..

The Centaurus SuperPack - including Belmont, Grovedale, Highton, Modewarre & Torquay Cub Scouts!

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