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Scout Update 12/05/13 - Meet at BARWON VALLEY FUN PARK

posted 12 May 2013, 02:34 by Unknown user

Dear leaders, parents and scouts

This coming Tuesday we will be having the night held in the Barwon Valley Fun Park area.  It will be at the normal time 7pm - 9pm Tuesday May 14th


Please meet us at the car park furthest away from the toilet block, the car park is at the far left of the play park, meet there at 7 and pick up there at 9 (we will be playing in the play park area)

We will be playing games most of the night, these games will consist of a treasure hunt type thing which will gain you your flag to play capture the flag and after that we will play a big game of survivor


Most people know how to play capture the flag and a treasure hunt is pretty straight forward but for a lot of people survivor is an unknown game


The main rules of survivor are that you will be classified as a vegetarian, a carnivore, a human or a disease

This game is sort of like playing the food chain, you must tag people to get their points but you can only tag the people you are superior too 

Veggies must hide and cannot get any points except bonus points 

Carnies can tag veggies and get bonus points 

Humans can tag carnies and veggies and get bonus points

Diseases can not die and are able to tag everyone and get bonus points

You may think this is unfair but when we start the game veggies will be given 15 points, carnies get 10 points, humans get 5 and diseases start off with no points at all 

There will be bonus points scattered throughout the playing grounds and they will be valued with different points depending on what they are, these bonus points will be pieces of paper with pictures on them 

Don't worry if this email confuses you, you can ask me questions on the night and the rules will be explained again on the night as well

You must bring with you on the night a torch, wet weather clothes if that's what the weather permits, wear running shoes as the games will involve a bit running, a drink bottle if needed and any other things that the individual may need

This night will be run and was planned by the troop council (patrol leaders and assistant patrol leaders)

Besides subs, no money is needed for the night

I hope to see you there

From Lily