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posted 13 Mar 2013, 06:57 by Belmont Images   [ updated 24 Mar 2013, 04:44 by Scott Barnes ]
After struggling through 2012 when our dedicated leaders from other sections and the Group Leaders somehow managed to implement a fantastic Jamboree year program! This extra volunteering time put pressure on their personal and work lives and sometimes meant that they struggled in their home section.

Without Arlene (Cubs), Jason Martin (Venturers), Naomi (Joeys), and Hany (Joeys) and Scott and I (GLs) putting in, the troop would not have survived 2012!  And at the moment 2013 will be another struggle.

Recently, Denise Taylor has had to pull out as she was facing to much pressure at work and home to continue training as a leader at this stage. Jason Martin will help on some weekends but can't attend Tuesday nights; Jake Bemelmans is off to Canada term 2 for rest of year; Wendy Tarbutt continues as a Tuesday night leader only; Roger Walti has just started his Leader training and was invested Tuesday 5th March; and Bill Forti who was a Scout leader with 1st Belmont over 10 years ago wishes to return. He has been interviewed and will fill his paper work in ASAP.

The scouts are lacking continuity of leaders who can attend on both Tuesdays and weekends. Fill in leaders have meant that the troop has continued to function but not to best practice.  We need a section leader who gets to know the kids over several years.

That said the troop continues to grow, largely by word of mouth so despite the challenges we as adult leaders are struggling with the program continues to provide.ots of interesting and challenging opportunities to learn while having great fun.