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The 1st Belmont Scout Troop meets every Tuesday from 7pm to 9.00pm during school terms. We cater for boys and girls aged 10.5 to 15 years old. Our aim is to learn new skills, encourage independence and do heaps of fun stuff! Why not come along and check us out?
Linda (Tassie Devil )is  Scout Leader and Gordon has just completed his Scout leader training. Gayathri and Gemma are starting theirs. We have had a rebuild of the Troop Leader Team.

The troop is pushing above 30 scouts ! Activities are sure well attended

We are still seeking to recruit an additional 1- 2 more Assistant Scout Leaders to ensure the smooth running of the Troop , and good succession planning (Linda returns to Tasmania  July 2016)- so parents why not consider becoming a leader? Leaders can have as much fun as the scouts (maybe more!)

April 2016 update

We in the Scouting Section want to share our good news too ... 

Last term, Ewan Breakey completed his Australian Scout Medallion, and Rohan Barnes is close behind him, with Lydia Scandolera not that far behind either of them. This is the major achievement of Scouts, along with Grey Wolf in Cubs, and Queens Scout in Venturers, and requires steady and consistent application over several years of scouting. We are very proud of the three of them.

 The Scout leaders in 1st Belmont are delighted to have Scouts across the three stages of scouting (Pioneer, Explorer and Adventurer), and our program has been designed with the interests and requirements of our all scouts to have fun, prepare for adventure, and to aim be the best that they can.

Over the Easter holidays, two patrols of scouts took part in the Stradbrook Cup camp at Timboon. This is where scouting skills become really serious, and patrols compete to run a 4 day camp, from menu planning, to equipment selection, to setting up camp, cooking and looking out for each other. There are adults around, leading activities and providing mentoring as well as assessing the patrols. Taking part in “Straddie”  is an immense achievement for modern kids, assisting them to feel independent and gain in confidence. For instance, the Swedish Patrol (nicknamed CABBA) forgot to bring a key ingredient for their stir fried rice (rice), but through calm improvisation, served up a filling stir fry without the assessors being any the wiser that a major disaster had just been averted! Both patrols were awarded a Silver – well done! 

Our less experienced scouts are having a ball this term too. So far, some of them have spent a weekend learning to canoe, and others represented the troop at  district ANZAC sleepover.

Our program continues to be varied and fun, proving the need for several leaders with different skills and backgrounds.


Last night, was a good example: after opening parade, the duty patrol lead a game, before Murph continued the conversation about ANZAC and our heritage. There were some interesting thoughts about how the Scouts who found themselves on ANZAC Cove might have faired. The scouts have their eye on a few interest badges this term, so for the Communications Interest badge, the Scouts communicated a messages in Morse code, using ingenious ways to create dots and dashes. Gordon assisted an enthusiastic group to build 2 crystal radio sets and amplifiers, and the soldering iron injuries were mercifully rare. A faint signal was received, which was very exciting!

Outside, under the stars, Murph encouraged the younger scouts to build a fire, and to then work out how we could use it to send messages. They decided that they needed to smoke, and they did a great job with some green leaves, producing some much that Murph felt like a kipper! The dots and dashes were tricky to create without a blanket, but they had fun trying. We then gathered back inside, having first practised safely putting out the fire, for closing parade.


This term is jam packed with fun and challenges. A radio station visit on 10 May (this will be an earlier than usual start), and preparing for our very first 1st Belmont Gang Show!


We really do need some more leaders to join in the fun of opening up a world of possibilities to our scouts, and to share the pleasure of working in a team of adults, who have the best interests of our scouts at heart, whilst having a laugh at the same time.

Our current four leaders are all busy people – Linda has been absent for the troop for a couple of terms due to her study and work commitments, Gordon runs his own business, Murph is a vicar of a large parish and also cares for her sick husband, and our trainee leader, Gaya, who is juggling research work at curious times of the day. If you feel inspired to put your toe in the water, why not become a unit helper for a term? See if it is for you before committing to wearing the uniform!

Thank you for supporting your kids in Scouting.


Best Regards,
Murph (Elizabeth Breakey)
Assistant Scout Leader, 1st Belmont Scouts