The 1st Belmont Cubs
Pack Code

In addition to all of the fun and adventure, Scouting is about doing your best, learning from experience, and discovering the responsibilities of leadership.

In 2021, our Cubs Unit Council — which is comprised of the Patrol Leaders (PLs), Assistant Patrol Leaders (APLs), and the Cub Leaders — worked together to write a Pack Code, under the guidance of Baloo. This code represented what the cubs themselves understood to be appropriate and aspirational behaviour for themselves and their peers. All of the PLs and APLs signed the Code.

This was revisited and resigned by the new Unit Council at the start 2022.

Pack Code 2022

Cubs are a team

  • We work together

  • We play fairly

  • We share and take turns

  • We encourage everyone

  • We accepts others decisions

Cubs are honest

  • We tell the truth

  • We own our actions

  • We do what is right

  • We do our best

Cubs are kind and helpful

  • We make Cubs a happy place

  • We use kind words and actions

  • We use our manners

  • We keep our hands and feet to ourselves

  • We respect each others' space

Cubs make smart choices

  • We will make smart, respectful choices about our behaviour

  • We will always think about the consequences of our actions and how it may affect others

  • We look after our own and others belongings

  • We make sure we are safe on the internet

Cubs respect the environment

  • We recycle and don't litter

  • We are always helpful, not harmful

  • We always clean up after ourselves

  • We share ideas for recycling

Cubs listen

  • We always listen to others when they are speaking

  • We follow directions correctly

  • We respect each others' feelings and point of view

  • Listen!

Pack Code 2021