Yarrimbak Rovers

Welcome to the Yarrimbak Rover Crew's page!

Rovers is the section following Venturers, it incorporates members aged from 18 to 25. 1st Belmont Scout Group hosts the Yarrimbak Rover Crew.

As Rovers we govern ourselves and elect our own Crew Leader, Assistant Crew Leader and Events Manager. All our actions are governed by decisions made within our crew with the added wisdom of age coming from our Rover Adviser.

All Rover Crews have three main, common directives:

1. Accommodate the transition from youth to adult within the Scouting movement

2. Assist in the running of minor and major events for the other sections

3. Have a bloody good time doing the first two things!

So, now you know, Rovers is a great section to be a part of, it makes me proud to know I'm a member of such a fantastic Crew!

For more information on Yarrimbak Rover Crew, please contact us