Badges are part of the Award System of Scouts Australia, each of which is designed to recognise the particular contribution and achievements of the Scout member within their Section. Badges are earnt for a wide variety of purposes, such as:

  • Achievement in the practice of Scouting

  • Participation in major events (eg. Jamborees)

  • Competency in an adventurous activity

  • Provision of service

From 2020 a new badge system was introduced. The badge placement guide showing the layout of youth member's uniforms under the new badge system is shown on the right.

If you are using the old layout there is no need to change the current badge placement on your uniform until you move to your next section. The old badge layout is shown below.

(Click on an image to see a larger view)

New badge placement guide (introduced 2020)


Old badge placement guides (to be phased out by 2023)

scout badge placement.pdf