Parent Information

Would you like to come and try Scouting?

Contact us to arrange a 3 week no obligation trial! We'll send you out a Prospective Members (Y4) form which will need to be completed and returned before you attend.

Then if you decide to join...

  1. Notify us that your child would like to continue.

  2. Pay the invoice (see Fees for more information)

  3. Complete the online scout membership application (a link will be emailed to you)

  4. Complete the secure Operoo form providing health information (a link will be emailed to you)

  5. Purchase a Scout uniform (see Uniform for more information)

  6. During the following weeks your Scout will be taken through an Intro to Scouting during the normal meeting times and the section leaders will contact you when an investiture date has been organised.


Being invested is an exciting time and we welcome family and friends to watch and take photographs of their Scout saying their promise and being presented with the group scarf, woggle and badges. These include the group, district and region name badges, the World Membership Badge and the Australian Flag Badge. The only organisations officially allowed to wear the Australian flag as a badge on their uniforms are the Australian Defence Force and Australian Scouts

New Scouts will be lead through the promise so do not need to be able to recite it alone however some Scouts take great pleasure in being able to do so and will be given the opportunity if they would like.


I promise to do my best

To be true to my spiritual beliefs,

To contribute to my community and our world,

To help other people,

And the live by the Scout Law


Be respectful

Be friendly and considerate

Care for others and the environment

Do what is right

Be trustworthy, honest and fair

Use resources wisely

Believe in myself

Learn from my experiences

Face challenges with courage