Scout uniform consists of the dark blue shirt with the section colour, across the sleeve, yoke and collar.

Uniform shirts (and other items) can be purchased from the Scout Shop online store at www.scoutshop.com.au.

The other components of the uniform are a scarf and woggle (supplied by 1st Belmont). A wide brim hat is highly recommended for outdoor activities.

1st Belmont Group Hoodies are also available to purchase for our youth, families, committee members and leaders, from a Geelong company (see below for details), but are entirely optional.

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Scout Shirts

Two types of shirts are available:

Button-up Shirt - (woven polyester/viscose) (~$47) tougher longer wearing option - recommended

Polo Shirt - (knitted polyester/cotton); a little cheaper (~$37) but not as hard wearing as button-up shirt

1st Belmont Group Hoodies

The hoodies are entirely optional, but they look great and are very warm!

Cotton Rich CVC fleece, 80% Cotton/20% Polyester - $49.95

For sizing and more details go to https://www.jbswear.com.au/product-detail/-in-product/3CFH

Hoodies can be ordered from Hip Pocket Workwear, 170 Torquay Road Grovedale, 5222 4744