Scouting is still one of the cheapest youth activities available  
thanks to the wonderful support of so many volunteers to keep our fees low.

2024 Fee Summary

Joeys, Cubs & Scouts

Scouts Victoria Registration                                         $268

Group Fee  ($40 per term x 4)                                                                      $160  

Activity Fee "Subs" ($10 per term x 4)   $40

Total Annual Fees *                                           $468                                   


Scouts Victoria Registration                                   $268

Group Fee  ($40 per term x 4)                                                                      $160  

Activity Fee "Subs" ($20 per term x 4) $80

Total Annual Fees *                                           $508                                  


Scouts Victoria Registration                                             $268

Additional fees may apply and are handled by the Rover Section                               

* There is also a one off Joining Fee (covers group scarf, woggle & badges)           $30

Fees Explained

2024 Payment Schedule

Existing members

New members
After the 3 week trial period, the following applies:

Scout Victoria Registration - an annual fee which covers youth member insurance, public liability and national and state administration. It is effective until the 31 March each year and is paid upfront in Term 1. If joining part way through the registration period, the fee is charged on a pro-rata basis according to the number of terms remaining in the year.   

Pro-rata amounts:

Join before 31 March 2024 $333  (this includes a pro-rata fee of $65 for the period until 31/3/24 and $268 for the period 1/4/24 - 31/3/25)
Join before 30 June 2024 $268
Join between 1 July - 30 Sept 2024 $201
Join between 1 Oct - 30 Dec 2024 $134
Join between 1 Jan - 31 Mar 2024 $67

Please note the Scout Victoria Registration fee is non-refundable, but membership is transferrable to other Scout Groups in Victoria.

Group Fee – goes towards training, registration and uniforms for our leaders and some basic facility maintenance. This fee is charged at the start of each term. 

Please note, the fees in no way covers our full operating costs. We are a voluntary organisation, with all leaders volunteering their time, so in addition to fees we continue to need your regular support - please check out our How You Can Help page

Subscription & Activity Fee "Subs" - contributes towards the week to week operating costs of the section.

Other Costs

Uniform - all youth members require a uniform shirt. More information is available on our Uniform page. We occasionally have second hand uniform shirts available - speak to one of the leaders to find out.

Events, Camps and Activities - additional costs may be involved for organised events, camps and activities at which attendance is optional. We do our best to keep costs to a minimum. However, major events and expeditions can add significantly to the cost unless we are able to offset these through fundraising activities.


Leaders children are offered a 50% discount!!

That's right - if you agree to do the training to become a Scouting Leader with 1st Belmont you get to spend lots of quality time with your child and in return we cover the cost of professional training, your uniform, registration and when you have completed your training, registration fees for your children are discounted in recognition of your time committed to help all our youth members :-)

Payment Options (when re/registering for a full 12 months)

We want everyone to be able to enjoy Scouting so if you need a payment plan or other assistance please get in touch with our Group Leader or Treasurer.

How to Pay

Our preferred method of payment is by direct transfer with the invoice number as the reference. Payment by credit card is possible on request and will include the banks processing charge. Cash payments can be paid directly to a Bendigo Bank branch using the account details provided on the invoice.